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Our next 'all' boxing event is 'Homecoming: Round 2' which is being held at the York Hall, Bethnal Green of Maryport, The Grasslot Welfare, Sports and Social Club on August 12th at 3pm.

The venue isnt massive but it is cosy and the crowd of boxing supporters will surely generate a lively atmoshphere for out fightcard of local boxers and their opponents.

Two title fights being billed as a co main event will see Decca Heggie defend his BBU Northern Area title and Shaun Clark will be defending his Northern Area belt plus his much deserved English title, all sanctioned by the British Boxing Union.


The exciting undercard consists of Lewis Graham, Ross Ridley, Seb Kryzwiecki, Ainsleigh Murdoch, David Charters and Dryden Critchlow. All these supporting bouts leading up to the fireworks of the title defences promise to be livley and have you testing your vocals with volume as you cheer your chosen fighter on..


Standard tickets & Tables of ten are being reserved now.


Bricktop Promotions can be found on Facebook for further information or you can ring/text 07956625562

“A great event gets the town talking about when the next one is.”

Jimmy K


Round 2