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The story so far....

So far Bricktop Promotions have brought different characters to town, first up was the tough loveable boxer Dave Boy Green and former world champion John H Stracey who were abosolute gentlemen. Between them they had the room in silence as everyone sat in awe listening to their tales in and out of the ring.

Dave Courtney brought to Cumbria, tales of London and life living as  a high profile gangster living life on the edge.

Carlton Leach brought to Cumbria stories of life as a bouncer, security advisor and being muscle for hire. Plus he answered a lot of expected questions about his time part of the Essex boys and what happened that morning in a country lane.

Steve Collins graced us with his tales of mixing it with the best in the buiness when he was boxing professionally          and winning the coveted Super-middleweight Champion of the world title, beating Dark Destroyer Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank plus other tough cookies along the way. Steve spoke to a full audience and had a great craic with many. In February we had Phil Campion & Daz Dugan come to town to tell us all about days 'Doing the do' on operations, in the SAS and as bodyguards and Close protection operatives over in the sand pit. A truely emotional but enthrawling listen and the feedback has been immense from the following day onwards.

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In May some very interesting characters came to talk about the history of the Guvnor title, Bareknuckle boxing, the rave scene of the 80's and it was an absolute pleasure hearing the words from the only unbeaten Guvnor himself, Mr Norman Buckland. The room was in silence as the crowd were enlightened into life in the shoes of Bareknuckle Champion Decca Heggie, Uncle Harrys life in the circles of Freddie Foreman, the Krays, Joey Pyle and also both Lenny McLean & Roy Shaw. plus Alfie Buckland shed light on his part in the security and the running and organising of the massive rave scene..... A brilliant evening compared by Garry Bedford, the audience was fantastic too.

Nemesis Boxing Club held there show at Stanwix Holiday Park inn Silloth and the set up was amazing, lights, venue, sound,and the atmosphere was electric, just how it should be and this is all down to the fighters and the events support plus the organisation behind the whole thing. A Prizefighter tournament fought for and won on the same day, two BBU title defences, some business as usual fights plus debuts and novice fights and jjust as importantly, a charity fight including two local business men in aid of Great North Air Ambulance. From head to toe a great show enjoyed by many. Andy McNab graced those int he room during his visit with tales of his younger years, life in the SAS, talked through his time with 'Bravo Two Zero' in the first Gulf war and also what he is busy with nowadays, plus helping raise a nice sum of funds for Support Our Soldiers. Andy was an incredible man who held the the room in silence during his detailed talk. A pleasure it was.

Those in the room were blessed with the meeting of and listening to another man who has 'been there done it'. Colin Maclachlan had the room in silence as he told us all about his growing up, his army days, his selection process for 22 SAS but only so far, the final phase is & rightly so, hush hush plus he shared the experiences of being captured, beaten and close to being executed. We had a brilliant Q&A session to end an awesome evening.