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At every event we have an opportunity to benefit a charity or cause.


Bricktop Promotions have the chance to do a 'great turn' and on each event money is rasied  for a charity or worthy cause. Funds have been raised previously and the hope and intention is to continue this gesture which will definatley benefit where it's needed and rightly deserved too.  Each event involves an auction and a raffle/lucky dip and quite often some of the prizes are donated by people who attend the event or simply want to help raise money. Nearly always, there are  prizes which were got through people who know the right characters involved in boxing and are able to assist.


If you are in a position to offer a gift for a prize then please get in contact using any of the methods provided on our contact page.


Many thanks in advance.

'Doing something good is definately a feel good feeling'

Suggested gifts for prizes:


A weekend break - Meal for 2 - Free M.O.T - Bottle of wine - Bottle of spirits - Free driving lessions - Free fitness sessions-  Free memberships  - Free haircut - Free beauty treatment - Free tickets - Autographed items - Free sessions - anything is appreciated.


What costs you little could make a big difference to others.


Your business will be mentioned in the Program and during the announcement

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