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March 2017 was the beginning of our year and it was a blinding start with No Surrender: Round 12. The event was truly amazing and lots of money was raised for Macmillan Cancer Support. Next up was 'An evening with......... Colin Maclachlan' A man who has been there done it, wore the boots, balaclava, heavy kit and lived to tell the tale. An inspirational man who came to share with  you his life experiences and views on things, a total gentleman. On June 17th there was   'Sunset Showdown: Round 4' where Nemesis boxing club were competing against tough and determined opponents of the red corner. August 12th will see 'Homecoming: Round 2' taking place in town where the club is based, Maryport. October will be round 1 of Nemesis Boxing Club's 'Optimum' boxing event at Greenhill Hotel because the 'No Surrender' shows have went the distance (12 rounds).

November 3rd we have ANDY McNab coming to Greenhill Hotel, to tell those in the room about his life, his experiences of BRAVO TWO ZERO, what he is busy with now and his latest book.

More exciting events to plan for.

"It's what we are made of that counts. Boiling water may soften potato's but it hardens an egg."

Jimmy K

Happening in 2017